Digital Marketing
For Dental Clinics

How Patients


YOU among Competitors


Asking Family/Friends


Online Search


Facing Ads


Referred by another Clinic


Engage in Social Media

What Do We Do?

We deliver an all-in-1 integrated digital marketing solution to Dental Clinics. Our solution covers all of the patient flow channels mentioned above. The one and only aim of this solution, which is developed individually for each clinic based on their needs, is the increase of profits in the short run and enrichment of the brand value in the long run. This will show itself in the millions of dollars of additional revenue generated for our clients.

All of our services are structured in a way that the results would be accurately measurable. So, you can always make your marketing decisions in the most sophisticated real-data-driven manner.


Website Design

Google Ads


Graphic Design

Local Marketing

Email Marketing

PPC Management

Events & Contests

Content Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Teaser Video Production

Social Media Management

Digital Marketing Benefits

  • Attracting Customers Directly to Your Business
  • Increasing Customer Loyalty with Frequent Communications
  • Generating a Consistent Lead Pipeline
  • Raising Awareness about Your Clinic
  • Demonstrating Your Advantages against Competitors
  • Engaging with Customers on an Everyday Basis
  • Targeting the Right Audiences
  • Accurately Measuring All Results
  • Gaining Brand Credibility
    Using Most Cost-Effective Advertisement Procedures

Our Projects & Clients


Assessment Includes

Evaluation of the current state of your clinic and identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Initial analysis of the competitive landscape of your clinic

Analysis of the demographic statistics of your region

Determining digital marketing main target audiences and studying their behaviour and preferences

Why Choose Us?

Statistical Data Driven Planning

Integrated All-in-1 Approach

Detailed Reporting

Always Available

Customized Customer Service

Personalized Services

Money-Back Guarantee

Full-Service Solutions

Competitive Price

Free Consultation & Audit

All-in-1 Packages Price Table







Most Frequent Questions and Answers


You can choose any combination of services that suits your business. We are entirely flexible about this.

No, Not at all.

We believe in transparency and honesty. Every penny you will invest in your digital marketing will be discussed in detail and only takes place after your confirmation. There will be no obligation and no hidden fees.


During the first month, you can cancel anytime, and there will be no fees or hidden fees.

After one month, anytime you make a cancellation request, services will be stopped. On the same day, The process of transferring information, credentials, and backups to you will begin. It does not matter how long this process takes;

You will only pay until the day you have sent your cancellation request.


There is a Free Consultation session. This session will provide an initial analysis of your business and competitive landscape. Possible strategies that you can adopt to get the biggest market share for your business will be proposed in this session.

We’ll contact you within one business day to set up a brief strategy call. If it’s more convenient for you, we can also connect via email or Online meeting.

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