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Advertising and marketing are crucial parts of any business, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not. A contest and event marketing approach can really influence your target audience! An individual will take part in a particular competition or event in order to increase brand awareness and draw in new potential customers. Competitions and events might be live, virtual, or hybrid in nature. What matters is the promotion. Technology has made it easier than ever to plan competitions and events.

While it’s easy to hold, it’s not a piece of cake to plan and strategize it as it needs high levels of organizing, time management, and communication skills. Contest events can encourage participants to interact and entertainingly engage with your brand. For instance, if it’s a photo contest, you could ask them to share your product picture on social media and write a clever caption for it to win prizes. The urge to compete and win prizes will benefit you and increase your customer engagement. There are several types of promotional contest ideas for events that can take place on different platforms; such as:

  • Website-based contests and events
  • Social media contests on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media platforms
  • Email and SMS-based events & contests
  • In-store contests

Benefits of Events & Contests

Events and contests offer viewers distinctive experiences that distinguish them from other types of advertising. Different contests might be profitable and beneficial to your business.

  • According to Statista, 40% of events will be held virtually in 2022. Online and social media contests for events can gain a global audience, monitor your performance, and save money while avoiding worries concerning transportation, food, clothes, hotel accommodation, and gadgets.
  • According to Statista, 35% of events in 2022 will be in-person. In-person events can boost direct marketing through SMS, social media, and email lists; when they register and attend your event, it shows that they are interested in your product. Furthermore, you can stay in touch with them for further promotion.
  • Since it increases brand recognition, many businesses consider holding events to be the primary factor in the formation of their brands. Competitions, particularly social media competitions held during events, generate conversation about your company online, in print media, and in person. It’s a fantastic method to keep up a stellar reputation for your company and merchandise.

Events & Contests Process

TASProMarketing will explain what event and contest marketing is, what our event contest ideas are, and how to perform these ideas to have the best event contest. Firstly, what is essential for this event to be held successfully is your goal. We discuss the purpose of your plan to host a contest event. Secondly, we talk through entertaining and fun contest ideas for events so we can identify your audience. Promoting your content in advance would be more manageable when we know who we are dealing with. If you are holding a contest event, it is vital to choose a prize that is relevant to what you offer; based on the type of your event, prizes can vary, and we can guide you in deciding on them.

Thirdly, TASProMarketing wants to make sure everything goes perfectly. It would be our honour to organize your contest event in the best way possible; so as to achieve the best feedback, we follow the event marketing guidelines. If it helps your business, we suggest collab with an influencer on social media, whether on TikTok, Instagram, or others. In some cases finding a worthy sponsor can help newly founded businesses too! As mentioned, there is a variety in where and how the event will take place; it is our job to find and use a powerful content tool. Social media event contests would be more suitable for some audiences and businesses.

Lastly, our staff closely monitors the competition’s progress whether it takes place online or not to make sure everything goes according to schedule and to address any extremely unfavourable issues! Thus, TASProMarketing would be happy to design your contest in an ideal manner if you were thinking about holding it in Ontario or somewhere else in Canada.

Why Choose Us

TASProMarketing, located in Richmond Hil, Ontario, presents an all-in-one solution and planner for your events & contests. Here, your requests and opinions are our main priority.TASProMarketing won’t rest until it is sure that your event has been held successfully. Setting sales and familiarity with social media contest ideas for events is what makes us a wise choice to consider. We offer free consultation and affordable services so all our potential clients can handle them. As it’s crucial for us as a company to maintain a good reputation, we understand yours is too; hence, we appreciate your trust and work 24/7 to provide excellent service for you!

However, if there is anything that worries you or you have any questions regarding our process, we would be glad to help you.


TASProMarketing tries to evolve with the latest advances presented in the marketing and advertising industry. TASProMarketing, located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, consists of high-performing and experienced professionals specializing in planning events and contests. Our team is knowledgeable in different types of events. You choose which one and expect the best from us! We offer services such as events & contests, SEO, graphic design, email marketing, website design, traditional and local marketing, and more.

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Event marketing defines the process of developing a presentation to promote a service, cause, product, or organization. These events can be held in-person, virtually, or both!

Your marketing plan should start right when your market begins to work. The two go together; no one will know about your service or event without a great promotion and advertising strategy.

One of the most important elements of a successful event is how well the promotion goes. Your promotion plan will depend on your service and how you present your event.

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