Photography & Video Production

TASPromarketing provides a comprehensive collection of digital marketing services, as well as expertise in their application and optimization, in order to assist you in achieving your overall business and marketing objectives. By taking a strategic and data-driven method, we research and identify the most effective ways to boost your conversion rate. We will share with you the most effective method for running a successful campaign, regardless of whether the campaign’s goal is to generate more revenue, attract new clients, raise the lifetime value of your customers, or something else entirely.

Why Photo & Video Production?

It’s incredible how powerful content like photos and videos can be. More than seventy-five percent of people who use the internet are willing to put their faith in the content that they can view. A recent survey found that almost two-thirds of respondents had made a purchase online as a direct result of watching a video. People say that watching some video content influenced them to purchase a product nine times out of ten.

Because of this, video content is now an important part of the consumer’s journey, affecting how they find a brand, what they think about it, and whether or not they decide to buy it. This platform may have a sizeable impact on the manner in which your brand communicates with customers on the internet.

Benefits of Photo & Video Marketing Strategy

Visual marketing on social media has a lot of advantages.

A well-designed visual content can easily catch the attention of your target audience.

Considering that humans are visual creatures, it is no surprise that they are easily attracted to visual elements that reflect their interests and characteristics.

You can make your content go viral by using photos and videos.

Infographics are characterized by compelling visual content that appeals to many people, so much so that most would share it with their networks and circles of influence.

Brand awareness can increase through photos and videos.

The purpose of infographics is to capture relevant information about their creators, which usually includes their logo, website address, e-mail address, or even contact information.

Your search marketing results can improve with photos & videos.

You can rank higher in Google's image search results with infographics. In addition, they are an excellent tool for building links. Search engines will rank your infographic higher for relevant keywords if it receives a lot of backlinks and shares.

The use of visual content goes beyond digital marketing.s

It applies to print materials, brochures, and other offline tools that company owners continue to employ as part of their marketing plan.

What Is TASProMarketing
Photo & Video Production Strategy?

The production of material that results in a striking impression is of the utmost importance to what we do. We develop concepts that are compelling and unique in order for them to flourish in the ever-changing digital environment in which we live.

We are able to assist you regardless of the size of your company, whether you are a new business still trying to find your feet or a well-established brand.


Our TASProMarketing team comprises videographers, animators, designers, and editors who create material with a specific objective in mind. Our team creates content that works well with paid advertising to deliver the highest potential return. This includes product infomercials as well as films that raise awareness at the top of the sales funnel.

Virtual Tours

All our virtual tours are custom created to your particular requirements. We make a great effort to match your branding standards with your marketing requirements. Prospective and current customers will have the opportunity to investigate your company and get visually immersed in the many kinds of goods and services you provide by using the virtual tour.


Our TASProMarketing team comprises videographers, animators, designers, and editors who create material with a specific objective in mind. Our team creates content that works well with paid advertising to deliver the highest potential return. This includes product infomercials as well as films that raise awareness at the top of the sales funnel.


Any company that wants to succeed has to invest in professional photography, whether to promote their products, illustrate their brand to customers, or document an event. We can assist you since we have a team of photographers skilled in various genres. To assist in developing an intelligent and relevant plan for the project, we consider the greater picture, including your commercial objectives, wider marketing activity, and promotional resource. We are here to help you with any aspect of your project, from the initial stages of storyboarding and concept development to managing shoots and post-production.

Photo & Video Editing

We can assist you if you want video editing services for producing a corporate film, content marketing, online training videos, or insights into your products or services. The most time- and money-efficient method for a business to create a video is frequently to record it themselves and then submit the raw material to us so we can edit and polish it. This is especially true for content not planned ahead of time or client video testimonials. In addition, we can assist you with the editing, retouching, and colour correction of your photographs! Using this tool, you may breathe fresh life into your dull, crooked, uninteresting images.

Product Photography

Quality product photos are an important part of any online store and e-commerce plan. Customers can’t touch or hold the products, so they can only interact with pictures of them. The better your conversion rates are, the more appealing your products look online. When you want to get your customer’s attention, colours, styles, and composition matter, this is true for all marketing platforms. A good set of product pictures can be used on websites, social media, brochures, catalogues, and in print ads. Whether you have a small or big business, our commercial product photography services will help you show off your goods in the best way possible.

Why TASProMarketing?

  • Lots of Experience

We have a team of hardworking people with years of experience who work together to complete more than projects for our clients.

  • Everything Is Here

We have everything we need to see your project through from start to finish.

  • Affordable & Budget-Friendly

Your money is more important than ever, so we carefully manage budgets and don’t go over

Why Photo & Video Production
at TASProMarketing?

The creation of photographs and videos is not only our area of expertise but also our source of inspiration. Your video project brief is intriguing and original; in order to do it justice, you need a professional video with amazing visuals.

We are proud to be a video agency that provides a wide range of services and works with clients from a broad range of businesses and industries. At TASProMarketing, every day is different, and neither should the content of your videos. Our talented staff consistently produces films that are original, well-made, and have a contemporary appearance.

It is relatively inexpensive to produce high-quality videos for use in video marketing, which is an effective method for your company to locate and entice clients online. To keep your audience engaged and assist you in achieving your video marketing goals, the team that is in charge of the creation of your film works very hard to establish the optimal balance of information and amusement.

Do you want to collaborate with a video production firm with a strong track record and a creative team? On your upcoming video marketing project, TASProMarketing, located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, will be thrilled to collaborate with you in any way possible.Call us today for a free consultation.