What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a part of digital marketing. It simply means improving a site to increase visibility when people search for services or products in search engines. Better visibility attracts more attention and prospective and existing clients or customers to your business.

First, bots help search engines to put sites in an index. Then, many factors are analyzed to prepare the ranking of the sites to appear in search engines. Do not forget that more people will see your website with higher search engine rankings. And organic rankings cannot be paid for. That is where SEO companies step in.

What Are the Different Aspects of SEO?

Technical SEO

The specific technical elements that influence a website’s search engine exposure are the focus of technical SEO. The main goal of technical SEO is to make sure that search engine users can simply index and crawl a website.

On-page SEO

On page SEO has to do with making the page friendlier to users and search engines. Search engines look entirely at a website, but the ranking is performed on a page-level basis. So the optimization of each and every page on your website is important.


Off-page SEO

The promotion is the aim of off-page SEO. The previous forms of SEO emphasize the organization and content of the website, whereas off-page SEO concentrates on methods to advertise your website. Popular websites appear higher on Google’s ranking than less popular websites.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is another subset of SEO for mobile devices. More than 60% of Google searches are performed on mobile devices now. This huge number indicates that the Internet is moving from traditional desktop to mobile devices. This is why Google decided to create a mobile-first index and start indexing the mobile-friendly version instead of the desktop version.

Local SEO

Businesses should only use local SEO if they are nearby. Stated differently, if you want customers to visit your local company location, you should optimize your website for local SEO.

Content SEO

The quality of the content and methods for improving it are key to content SEO. Although it is a subset of SEO, content SEO is regarded as one of the types because it is a crucial success component. The winning formula is publishing excellent content that users and search engines can understand.

E-commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is an E-commerce site is more complex than a blog or corporate website for search engine optimization. You have way more pages to optimize, and it is much more difficult to promote an E-commerce website.

SEO is essential for digital marketing because many searches are done to find services or products. If your site is more visible and ranks higher, it will have more digital traffic. Briefly, if marketing is a structure, Search engine optimization is the basement. When you know what people want from your website, you can use that information for organic or paid ranking, social media, etc. Reasons that you need an SEO expert:

  • It helps your website be one of the top results in search engines because most search engine users click on the top results in search engine result pages.
  • The usability and user experience of a website are improved by SEO as well as higher ranking in search engines.
  • When people find your website in the top results in search engines, they can trust your business more easily.
  • People who find your website in search engines are likely to promote it on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • It has a common framework of contents to be used before publishing, so it is essential for the smooth running of a website, especially the ones with more than one author.

You can go ahead of your rivals. If some businesses are in the same field, the search engine optimized website will have more customers and sales

What Are the
Advantages of SEO?

SEO increases visibility in search engines to provide value to the target audience. It is essential in digital marketing because it

  • provides higher organic rankings
  • presents more digital traffic
  • provides notable Return On Investment (ROI)
  • care for trust and credibility
  • brings clear and measurable results
  • does non-stop promotion
  • targets the whole marketing funnel
  • reaches all your target audience
  • improves user experience
  • is a long-term marketing strategy
  • is the foundation of search visibility

How Does
TASProMarketing do it?

In order to draw a search engine to your website, SEO works by making some adjustments to the content and layout of your website. Hundreds of ranking indicators are considered by Google’s algorithm to determine which websites will appear in the search results and in what order. Although it’s not feasible to alter your website to accommodate each and every one of them, our staff can make your job much simpler.

What we do first is that we know and find your target audience. To familiarize with your audience, we consider important factors such as age, sex, location, and what they need. These factors help us develop keywords and the type of content that will attract them. Once your audience is identified, creating a list of keywords is essential. As we know what we are doing, brainstorming keywords is easier for us. We look for phrases that are searched for in a more everyday-human way.

After we have everything in our hands, it is time to create. We make sure each page on your website corresponds to the main keywords. The next step in our job is to build and come up with the best quality content for your website, which is amazing for SEO. Furthermore, it authorizes your website in your industry.

Maintaining a social media profile on Facebook, Instagram, and others is in our process. It makes your audience share your content and allows you to collect social signals that affect your SEO.

What’s more, it’s essential to be able to read Google Analytics; otherwise, it’s impossible to read and process your website’s traffic and conversions, and without them, there would be no SEO!

Can I do SEO on my own?

Yes (but make sure to read the paragraph after this one). You can perform search engine optimization for your company if you do some homework and practice a lot. Simple tasks like incorporating keywords into your content are included in SEO, as are more complicated tasks like building an XML site map. Internal links, duplicate content, responsive web design, site security, and numerous more problems are among the technical aspects of it.

Is It Difficult to Do SEO on My own?

Telling the truth, it can be. The activities mentioned in the last part can be time-consuming, especially if you have a big business. Balancing Search engine optimization and running your business at the same time is overwhelming. So if you do not have enough technical expertise, it is advised to get some technical help from Search engine optimization experts. Search engines once made a handful of updates to their algorithms, but now they make thousands of changes every year. Although some of these updates are slight and can remain unnoticed, others are major algorithm updates. It means that you need to change the content when there are updates. But you may not notice the updates or will not be able to act upon them.

What Is an SEO Company?

Search engine optimization firms increase the visibility of their resources in search results. Only SEO professionals are aware of how to increase organic traffic from various search engines. SEO agencies or companies offer a wide range of services, like personalized suggestions and website audits. When working with our SEO agency in Richmond Hill, Ontario, you collaborate with a number of experts in various SEO domains.

Why Choose Us for SEO?

SEO is cheaper than typical forms of advertising. It also helps get more clients, better branding, and better results across the Internet.

Results are the first and the most important reason for SEO. TASProMarketing has the expertise and experience to improve your online visibility, boost your company’s rankings on search engine results pages, and create a better image for your brand. We guarantee that our experts do their best and use all their knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals.

Although in TASProMarketing, we use a lot of sources such as Google Analytics, we focus on each aspect of your business separately, so we are not distracted by the various services we offer.

We are %100 transparent about our services and your payments. You are allowed to know all the details about our job on your behalf. There are no hidden fees. When you choose our Search Engine Optimization service, you will not have to worry about being steered in the wrong direction for your business, hidden costs, or missing deadlines. We will complete your site on time or ahead of schedule, within your budget, and to your satisfaction.

Call us today at 6478128126 for a free, no-pressure consultation to see how TASProMarketing can help your company! We are based in Richmond Hill, Toronto.

Notice that our Search Engine Optimization services are not verified or endorsed by Google. As far as we know, Google does not currently have any certifications for Search Engine Optimization and does not explicitly endorse any Search Engine Optimization companies.

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