Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development (MAA) refers to the systematic process of producing software applications that operate on iOS and Android mobile devices. An application on a mobile device often uses a network connection to access remote computing resources.

Hence, the mobile development process involves:

  • Executing back-end services such as data entrance with an API
  • Producing installable software bundles (code, binaries, assets, etc.)
  • Testing the application on target devices.

Benefits of Mobile Applications
for Your business

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Strengthen Customer Engagement

Strengthening interaction with customers is the primary advantage of mobile apps. This approach is significantly more efficient than alternative approaches since it establishes a direct line of communication between your company and its clients, and improves the capacity for direct communication. Customers become engaged with your content and show loyalty to your application and brand if your notifications contain significant and pertinent information. Additionally, people choose your options anytime they need your services.

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Increase Accessibility

Mobile apps increase the accessibility of businesses. It makes it possible for companies to notify clients about recent modifications to their offerings. Additionally, it enables companies to establish a solid rapport with their clientele by providing exclusive deals and discounts via mobile apps.

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Provide Value for Customers

With mobile apps, you may digitalize any loyalty program you might provide to your customers. You can make it possible for your clients to get their bonuses using the mobile app instead of the antiquated collection card. increased app downloads and in-app purchases as a consequence.

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Transforming the Retail Experience

Mobile application helps transform the retail experience, allowing retailers to remain ahead of consumer anticipation via the delivery of unique customer background; also, mobile app help to operate a digital approach and model, which would invariably cut down on store cost and increase profitability. Several businesses are produced and based primarily on mobile apps. It helps to reduce the overhead cost.

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Build Brand Awareness & Brand Recognition

Mobile application development effectively builds brand awareness and recognition. For description, mobile apps can be likened to a blank billboard sign; it is available for you to do whatever you wish. You can make it stylish, functional, informative or shocking. You should aim to create an app that your customers will love, which comes with a beautiful design and is well-branded. The more your customers involve with your brand and product, the more they trigger to buy from you. This is called effective frequency in the promotion. In general, hearing and seeing your brand at least 15 times is what will get you noticed.

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Stand Out from the Competition

Small businesses don’t typically have mobile applications, so this is a fantastic opportunity to stand out from the crowd and advance significantly. Providing services for mobile apps will make your company stand out from the competition. Your clients will be motivated by your forward-thinking attitude and delighted by this surprise present.

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Cultivate Customer Loyalty

The quantity of noise, Facebook ads, coupons, and flyers. Email marketing, etc., is easy for businesses to lose grasp of their customers. The huge amount of advertising can distract customers who can easily lose focus. The solution is to utilize a marketing strategy to create a true and sincere relationship with customers. This marketing method should be one that can make loyal lovers of your services and products. Also, Mobile apps can create strong customer loyalty.

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Unique Services & Payment

Mobile apps have various features that match different enterprises. In addition, if you are in the service industry, such as salons, health care and other services, your mobile app can be helpful for your target customers to book a meeting.

Then, push notifications can be used to remind them of their arrangement. Mobile app payments have become a very famous means of making payments nowadays. And it is very easy to make in-app purchases nowadays.

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Refine the Idea & Strategize

Before developing Mobile app, you first have to brainstorm your ideas. You might already have an idea or concept of what application you need or have started from the basics. In both situations, these questions will help you decide better:

  • What are your app goals?
  • What do you want a mobile application to perform?
  • What features will your app contain?
  • What problems will your app solve for customers?
  • How will you develop the app? (In-house team, agency, app builder, etc.)
  • How much are you willing to invest?

Market Research

Once your idea is finalized, you must look at similar existing apps. It’s infrequent to have an entirely new idea with zero rival.

  • What target audience are you aiming for?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What’s the best platform to run your app on?
  • What’s your differentiation method to stand out from the contest?
  • How will you market and advertise your application?

Research through the market is an essential step you should consider first. Investing your money and spending time on a fulfilled market wastes your time and money. So it is much better to research the market precisely; after that, decide where to invest your money!

Building UX Design & Wireframe

Firstly, you should decide the sense and feeling you want to transfer by your app and how it presents itself to users. After that, you leave the remaining job to us. TASProMarketing app developers start drawing some sketches and creating wireframes to see how the app will work in the first step of designing. We focus on the user experience at the top of our priority. We ensure that the user interface is seamless, user friendly and easy to navigate.

  • Creating a storyboard or roadmap for establishing connections between each screen.
  • Evaluating the differences in how people will use your app compared to a mobile website.
  • User experience must be the priority.

App Development

Now everything is ready for creating your app. This includes all the back-end and front-end technology, APIs, and coding. Here’s what we do to develop mobile Apps:

  • Choosing a development method.
  • Assembling a development team.
  • Appointing a project manager.
  • Establishing a timeline with milestones and goals.
  • Also, we try to be agile and prepared for adaptations along the way.

Developing a mobile app relies on the developer’s method and your requests. In some cases, you might need to run your application on both platforms (Android and IOS), and in others, your app needs just one platform. These type of elements impacts the budget and progress. It also depends on the complexity and type of application you are building. In an overall estimation, your development progress might take six months or even more, depending on the used features.


Before publishing your application, we ensure it works by testing it. This step is for finding bugs, glitches and any other issues that need to be cleaned up before making it available for your customers. The testing process is divided here:

  • Testing your developed app with QAs during the development procedure
  • We make sure your app runs correctly on both platforms.
  • Taking tests on different devices; tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • Running tests with real users to gather feedback and improve.

App Features

Another crucial part of Mobile App Development is focusing on your application performance. You should have a functional app to help your customers enjoy using your app. Also, you can get more traffic and popularize your app by adding important features to your application. We have listed important app features here:


Users mostly have short spans; TASProMarketing's mobile App developers design the user interface in a way to enhance it. Also, we try to navigate your users easily to the desired place.


No one likes waiting, especially when users have to look at the waiting symbol on the screen. Our team keeps you simple and quick.


Increasing your app's flexibility can achieve a good place in app markets. Our team run application on all platforms such as Android, Windows and IOS. This flexibility makes your application catchier.

Good Image Resolution

Usually, Users don't pay attention to details. But they want to get a fancy and catchy detail with one look. So details make your application enjoyable; users don't like to see blocky graphics.


Internet security is an important element of mobile applications, you may store crucial business data in your app database, and you don't want to feel the danger of data loss. Our team protects your data and application from any hacker's violation and avoids threats.

Search Options

It sounds simple, but many users look for search options to ease the process of searching your site. So by providing the search option in your application, you can increase the app interface.

Bright and Bold Colour Schemes

To grab your customer's attention, consider using eye-grabbing and complementary colours in your application. We consider this in our design process.

Push Notification

The easiest and most effective way of informing, noticing and announcing a massage is pushing notification. It is free, handy and helpful for businesses.

User Feedback

To determine which part of your application needs improvement, you can grab users' experience and feedback to improve weak parts efficiently.


All applications need to be updated in time; for example, New OS versions have new requirements that require syncing to your application and sometimes apps need bug fixes. Updates will eliminate these issues.

Why TASProMarketing?

TASProMarketing own best mobile app developers experts. We have the profession of designing Simple and complex apps using any feature you need. Your app will be Secured, Uncomplicated and user-friendly at an affordable price. Call us for a free consultation today to order your application from the best mobile app development company in Toronto, Ontario. TASProMarketing  is known as one of the best mobile app development companies in Canada.


Most Frequent Questions and Answers

If you want to differentiate your enterprise from adversaries and arrange a better direct relationship, you can create an efficient application and simplify this connection.

It all depends on the enlargement of the project you ask for, the features you want your App include, the type of your business and other objects. Discover our Mobile app development packages and contact us for FREE Consultation and More Information.

No, not at all

As you purchase a package from the start until the end, we inform you about the expenses and fees; our team believes in honesty and transparency.


Our Mobile App development team prepared an easy-learning instruction for you to manage your application easily. TASProMarketing Mobile app development services also include online support.

It depends on your decision. We develop applications for all platforms such as Android, IOS, Windows phones, etc. Our team provides IOS and Android mobile app development services and any hybrid app developer you want.

Creating, designing and enhancing a complete application can take 3 to 6 months, depending on the complexity of the app and the features you order.

TASProMarketing, a digital marketing agency in Toronto, provides the most efficient support service; we help eliminate bugs and problems whenever you contact us. This service is not just for Mobile applications; we support all services that we provide 24/7.

You can place your order online, in a meeting, by Whatsapp, or you can leave a message for us to have a free consultation and more information. We evaluate your order time and price by negotiating with our mobile app developers; then, we estimate the average cost of mobile app development and utilizing mobile app development tools.

Yes, you can connect bank portals to your application for in-app purchases. This payment method ensures your customers have a Safe, recognizable and easy payment. It is the diviner of employing a native mobile app development in Toronto.

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